“As an associate of Parisha Taylor I have been priviledge to learn and utilize the Principles of  the universe and the Ancient Wisdom of all those before us.  It is an honor to be present on the planet at this time.”

A graduate Sancta Sophia Seminary, Veronica West has made her life focus spiritual science. Living her truth that there is no place  God is not, has allowed her to explore, share and expand her territory of awareness of others, values and beliefs. Of herself she would say “without God I would be nothing, I appreciate this gift of life and as I lift myself may I lift all others”.

She has used her knowledge and wisdom gained to assist in working with primarily abused children. Currently working to uplift the consciousness of others she has launched the creations of Shaman Spirit Dolls.   (www.shamanspiritdolls.com)

A true Renaissance Woman, Veronica is one of the founders for Northern Lights Ministry and Administrator for The Learning Center for Human Development, and a member of The International Speakers Team.  





“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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