At least teach me what to look for and who to call.

At least teach me what to look for and

who to call.

Who Will Teach Them?
Someone, somewhere may be planning an all out attack on our country ane have absolutely no training whatsoever as to how to see it coming or how to defend ourselves. With all our boys and gals overseas protecting other countries, who is left to defend us? We only have a few and ourselves. I’m not helpless. At least teach me what to look for and who to call. So I’m waiting for an answer. I’ll let you know what happens. If you agree that we need to be informed BEFORE something happens, then write your own letters asking for Disaster and Diversion Awareness training. Don’t just get mad or be afraid. DO SOMETHING. The more people asking, the greater the demand, the greater the response will be.


 After reading this email from a very close associate of mine, my thoughts ran the gamut of how mass mind sees our world. While  respecting the point raised here, I know of many who do not make themselves accountable to life preparedness let alone disaster. Such as do we prepare our young to be in a place of self respect, self reliant and self esteem.

All to often I speak with family members who agonize over the lack of these values in as much as their children lack these qualities. like not cleaning after themselves, talking back or not caring for their bodies hygiene… Not in one instance have I found the parent recognizing they have reflected the same blatant disrespectful behavior patterns. While I know many who complain about their children dishonesty none of them connect and acknowledge that they were the ones who taught them their first lie.

When we told and convinced our children that, there was a Santa Claus who do you think taught them how to lie first? Let me say here I am not trying to run down parenting practices or the Christmas Holiday but merely pointing to an area that is so over looked. Our children at an early age, young and impressionable trust and learn from you.

 Many of our kids discover sex, drugs and how to kill way before any encouragement of safety. Do we really want them to discover the sacredness of themselves and making love in a school yard or cyber space? We seem to extend our fears, hurts, and brokenness. How do we break this endless cycle? How do we prepare our children to enjoy this wondrous gift called life? What actions can we take to encourage their creative minds? What are we willing to do to access the highest function of our minds so that our children are capable of ‘choosing instead of excusing’?

My Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha imparts to us that, “What you are prepared for doesn’t happen”. So just as we would want to educate ourselves for any eventuality of disaster, let that same passion radiate out into our everyday lives. Look at how prepared are we to experience Health, Wealth and Happiness each day.

Can our children fend for themselves if you were not there? What safety practices do we run through at home right now? Can they cook a meal or feed themselves if there was no electric/gas? Do you have a stored water supply and food? What will you do in case of flooding? What will your children know how to do if you are not there? What will you do in case of fire? What will the children know to do?

I take this person’s email plea very serious. I appreciate the opportunity to bring forward that which we can do and need to do for ourselves, as well as the beloveds in our care. In the words of my associate, “At least teach me what to look for and who to call.”


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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