To live fully in the knowing that we are all interconnected, we will stop all killing and all abuse, and restore intelligence and Love as a reality. It begins with us and the Circle. Pa’Ris’Ha

Often I speak of the importance of the circle and today is no exception. During my day there are many who ask, What makes me happy/Positive? What do you believe in?

My response after many years of spiritual exploration has come to be quite simple really, I believe in the Principles, All is the Circle. The Circle is a cell and is of the body of harmony. Each of us has our place on the Circle that we might remember a world of harmony. All of us enter the Circle of Life with our unique gifts, challenges and opportunities. I have had so much mass built around looking for spiritual answers/meanings, the very idea that there could possibly be something to gain from the sciences had not entered my equations. Yet, here I stand at the Dawn of my awakening fully embracing the science of spirituality. Taking on opportunities to learn to trust and to come to the power of being complete.

 My Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha teaches us, “Being counted on and measuring up to it, regardless of the struggle and fight to do so is a win when it is completed. After enough times of such victories we become the very source of the trust and we respect our self from the center of our being. Valor, nobility and hero’s are such as this. We know trust of self when this becomes who we are.” May this Circle be unbroken.



“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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