Northern Lights Glow

Northern Lights Glow

By Rock That Talks

Did you ever stop and wonder why  

God put those lights up in the sky

Can you feel the stars all dance with you?

No matter what your day has put you through.

Have you ever just looked out of your eyes?

And beheld the vision God placed in the skies.

Have you ever heard your own heart song?

Or felt the joy from humming along.

Have you ever witnessed the Northern Lights Glow?

My family had this privilege you know


Magenta’s, Greens the flashing of lights.

Were among the wonders dancing our night.

We had come together to move as one mind.

We had come together and made sacred our time.

Guided by Our Elder toward the all we can be.

We stepped outside in the night and saw we were free.



“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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