Know Each Other

Know Each Other

Today as I choose to move about, there was the whisper of spring in the air. I could hear the great exhale of the winds all around me. As I observered those in my community I became aware of the few who had braved the winter coats and winds of our Great Mother Nature who were out and about all season. In addition I began to notice those who are coming out of hibernation, now that the thaw has begun. It was a warm day in this area my mind recalled the stories that my Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shared regarding when the seasons turned.

There was a time when her people would come together with their lodges, their families, their horses, dogs, and all their possessions. There would be the old faces that were loved and remembered and then the young faces filled with interest and surprise.  There would be the crafts brought forward, the medicines shared, and the offering of Great Thanksgiving for one another.

There would be the excitement of the sacred fire, the beating of the drums and singing and the dancing, storytelling, all the many patterns woven together. Everything was alive and lively, full of vitality and movement. All were hung together by strong threads of understanding and free choice as to where they stood.

Who do we know today?  What are our stories and who do we tell? We see a lot of fearfulness today. Among the people there is much pain in the body, mind and spirit. Many are broken.

My Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shows us in consistent demonstration with her life that, “We have to make a lot of good caring energy…” she says, “When you know and can recognize the paths … you can meet and greet people out of your Knowing…”  “We can enjoy everything we do with ourselves and all others by paying attention to the paths we tread and the masks we wear.”


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The wisdom of the Buddha says to us, “Once you realize your life is the life of Buddha, you will realize that so are the lives of all others.”


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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