Face Your Tiger

Face Your Tiger

Today, was a hard day for me, it seemed that the tiger was about to bite me, there I was battling my self created demons. You know what was funny try as I might to dive right in to my pity party I could not take off.

I really had come to a place that there was no ‘two minds’ and just in case by some chance I might not have recognized this Great Truth one of my beautiful, compassionate and loving sisters (of which I am Blessed with many) called me,”Out of the Blue” as the saying goes and when I asked her what did she need, her response was “nothing”. Right at that moment I could see the Truth.  I faced my Tiger armed with the Knowing from within myself that I needed nothing.   I came into this existence with everything I would need.

Later these words of my Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha came to my mind like the Sun that illuminates all darkness.

“As we walk along life’s journey the magnificent Beings we are, all of creation responds to our Being. So think clearly and hold pure thoughts, speak words of truth, act with kindness and caring. Oh Beloveds, none are loved more by the One That Is In All Things as we, the children of God, the Co-Creators. Feel it! Touch it! Be it!”


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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