Surrendering To Source.

Surrendering to Source.

What would you hold back? Why?

AZ. AntelopeCanyon

Today I wanted to explore with you the meaning of surrendering to Source, The All That Is.

To surrender means to relinquish possession or control to another, to submit to the power, authority, and control of another.

Surrendering to God’s agenda in and through us requires a clear view of the agendas we have prescribed for ourselves. So as I look at this with you, I am asking myself do I even know the agenda, I have for myself? Looking deeply into this thought, there are still so many shards of broken patterns of my true identity hardwired into the nero nets in my brain.  I have to keep a vigilant watch over my thoughts that would rob me into believing that there is a separation, an “out there”. There is God exploring itself.

ARG. Perito Moreno Glacier

I will to recognize every moment that I AM That I AM. I AM, is not from some self important declaration but rather from the Source which sent me, in whom I live and have my being. I Am of the Whole there is no exclusion. You know how H2O would not be water without each other; neither would I be without that which I am created from.

fk. Sealion Island

Surrendering to Source is a total Trust and there is no longer a need to live in the world looking for God, but acknowledging that I and the Source are One and moving with that deep conviction of Knowing in the world. My Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shown me with her life’s demonstration and teachings that, “You are the guarantee and you have nothing to do to activate it… There are no other insurances, no warranties.” Just as I AM because God is, the sacred text tells us, “Be Still and Know.”

QB. Gulf StLawrence

In the words of Mother Teresa,

Total surrender to God must come in small details as it comes in big details. It’s nothing but that single word, “Yes, I accept whatever you give, and I give whatever you take.” And this is just a simple way for us to be holy. We must not create difficulties in our own mind. To be holy doesn’t mean to do extraordinary things, to understand big things, but it is a simple acceptance, because I have given myself to God, because I belong to him – my total surrender. He could put me here. He could put me there. He can use me. He cannot use me. It doesn’t matter because I belong so totally to him that he can do just what he wants to do with me.


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“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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