Break A Pattern

Broad-billed Hummingbird Amado, Arizona

Today as I comtemplate breaking a pattern, I used this line of questioning, is it possible, or intelligent even to believe that God, called by many sacred names makes mistakes? Because that exactly what I was demonstrating when I say that I am useless and not, unworthy. Is it possible that we believe that of all the creations of God’s  creations that I am the one  a mistake? Is it intelligence or self centeredness that binds me to the thoughts, that there is a flaw in the ultimate pattern of God, the essence of all things?

Porcupine Southwest Utah

You were Born Worthy. I say this a lot because it bears repeating.

Believe me when I tell you I am my greatest audience here. Recently I have had to call this wisdom forward so that I can act from this knowledge. Life is indeed an elusive reality. It’s not like you can do linier algebra there are infinite variables.

I don’t know about you but there are moments that I wrestle with wanting to find myself, prove myself and just Be myself. In all honesty this searching and thinking drives me to distraction. Grandmother Pa’RisHa shares that, “you want to know what you don’t find Peace with…”  Ask yourself am I  willing to look at what is the cost of what I want out of life. If you answer yes, than look around you and see what you don’ find peace with. Make a list and then dismiss them.

We have no time to waste on the miseries of yesterday. It is gone forever! Start from today with all that you have of value and move forward. You have to break a pattern now.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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