Aboriginal Scripture As Told By Our Ancients

Today I want to share with you an Aboriginal Scripture as told by our Ancients in Time before Time was measured.

Temple of the Sun and Moon

“Each day the Sun, Nunda, moves from East to West. Clouds and Thunder come. Lightning strikes. Rain falls from the sky. Spring comes flowers return. Winter arrives. Temperature changes. Snow falls where it is cold to provoke it as such. These things you have knowledge of. But where is your faith when Great Spirit strokes your face and you call it a breeze? When a bird sings and you hear it? When you only catch a glimpse if it out the corner of your eye. When you ask and most certainly your answers do come. Acknowledgement of even these common daily occurrences would complement the Relationship of You and the Source of All things. In Faith we are at Peace and Love feeds our Spirits and our Days are Times of Greatness.”

With this scripture, I have open myself to being sensitive as never before to all that goes on around me in the moment. I can tell you that there were many days that I have lived through without giving a thought as to the coming and going of the Sun and its significance, while I might have some vague sense of its movement, I gave it no real recognition so I could have never told you that I was in rhythm with its pattern its impact on my being. You see I had lived in a world where clocks were the messengers of time. I know that there are others perhaps who can relate. Never would the movement of nature have been my reliable source. This has changed for me, as well as these other natural occurrences. Today I pay attention and that has afforded me many common  experiences of Greatness.

Each of us has a personal, private relationship with the God/One that live in All things there are no exceptions, were it not so you would not Be. Ask your self can the essence of a Life regardless of its appearance Be separated from that Life?

Essence – the quality or nature of something that identifies it or makes it what it is.

Look at it this way, imagine you have some silverware a knife, a fork and a spoon. Now while it is true that each are different in appearance and function, that which they are made from, their essence is the same. So it is true with all of us. We are all different Equal and yet Unique. Each of us  a messenger.  Our Essence has nothing to do with our color, culture, or longitude & latitude.

We Are Because God IS.

This scripture tells me that as I go through my day in awareness and acknowledgment of my relationship with the Source of my Being this is the mystic marriage in action. This is my daily communion with God.

My Beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shares these words with us, “We celebrate this gift called Life. We live this adventure moment to moment in all it’s Mysteries… We seek your Oneness in all our daily matters”

Behind the bewildering multiplicity and contradictions of the world lies a single unity, the Tao.



“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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