Breathing As The Source


Today as I was pondering what to share it occurred to me that there is a great desire to understand ourselves.  To know who I am some would say is most important. While I have actively participated in the quest of discovering who I am, for many many years, today there was a melting with spirit. What I mean by that is I could find no separation between that which I have hitherto called I/ me and the Source of this I/me.

Think about it, that which we call life is kept alive by what exactly? Could we even have life without Air? Even if we knew nothing about the science of breath, I think we are all in agreement when I say we cannot live without breathing. This is a truth no matter what race we are, what our belief system is, what part of the world we are in, what our life experiences or our story, there would be no story without breathing. Now as I move further in this thought here is the one thing breathing, that is essential to all of us that has no discrimination. It does not matter who you are, where you are, or what you are,  breathing is essential to sustaining that life.  As we can all affirm that irregardless of who we define ourselves as, there is no I without breathing.  

So taking this into account which of our opinions, beliefs, viewpoints, likes, or dislikes comes before taking a breath? Some would say to us to take a deep breath before expressing ourselves.  How much do we really know about the I, that we call ourselves, which we are so willing to separate from others and the Source? Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha once asked us, “How much time do you spend learning about yourself?… How much importance have we given to getting degrees in whatever field of study?” Yet when it comes down to knowing ourselves would we give ourselves a PHD in self knowledge?

How about fighting for our rights, defending our race, cultures and creeds could we have these differences without breathing? How many wars have we fought in the name of what? Certainly not over the right to breath and yet without breathing there could be no side to fight on or over for that matter. Do we ever wonder why is it, that those whom society calls the vilest among us, is still privy to breathing?  I remember Grandmother saying, “If you are breathing God has already forgiven you.” It is us who judge ourselves

How about scientifically do you ever connect with the thought that if breathing is one of the most essential non discriminatory factor to sustaining life, then it must follow that oxygen is most important to the bodies health. Take for instance when someone faints and people are gathering around to see the first thing someone says is, “alright stand back give them some air, let them breath”, why do you think that is?

Who decides that we can take a breath, if not that which gives us life? Better yet, would you always take a breath if you had to remember to? Would this I that you hold yourself as being, be totally NON Judgmental and allow all others to breath regardless of what they do with the life given to them if it were up to you?

Breathing is the Source of Life called by whatever sacred name; I look forward to exploring the I, that is the experience this breath.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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