Never Give Up!

The Sun Also Rises

Never Give Up!

Today I am reminded of a woman who had faced many challenges. Her husband who was the love of her life was taken early from her with cancer. She was left with six children to raise alone.  She was unskilled and took on factory work to get through. The oldest boy was put in jail. Her two next to the oldest were hard workers and had part time jobs, her two teenage daughters were  at the age when what was on the outside of their home was more important than what was on the inside.  While the youngest son was a mother’s delight he was born with a defective heart condition and needed special medical care.

This mother was a devoted mom. Whose life condition was being challenged at every corner. Yet never once did she fail to express herself with kindness and compassion for all.

Now this woman was a church going believer, in the word of God. She would say she knows God. Although this mother had what seemed more than her share of trials, she never failed to, give God the glory for her life and her circumstances, she always gave more of herself to her family, the church and community.

Early in the mornings before the others would rise, she took the time to visit with the Source of her life. During these private moments she would open herself to communion with God. She could be found telling God how much she was grateful for.  She would gather from this communion the resources needed for her day.

One day she was called from work to go to the hospital, one of her daughters had been hit by a hit and run driver, and the doctors did not hold any hope, that the child would make it through the night.  They told her that there was one chance in a million if they operated right away. She signed the consent forms, then excused herself and went outside.

They say that she could be heard for miles. As she declared who she was and what was to happen. That’s it the mother declared, you can’t take another thing from me. This stops here and now. I am under the blood of the One, who is in all things and I am telling you cannot come between us! You better give her back! I am not ever going to give up trusting God! You took my husband the love of my life, you turned my oldest boy and broke my heart, you have challenged me with the heart condition of my youngest that demands costly medications all the time, I have had to come through this alone without parents or family, still I have Faith. Hear me you can’t touch this, and you can’t have my daughter!  You are not taking another thing from me!!

They say that when the mother returned to the ICU where her daughter was her eyes began to open and a smile as bright as the sun filled the room as she came a wake and told her mom how an angel came and rescued her from falling into the darkness and all around her was this light and a voice saying, you can wake up now and remember to never give up.

Sometimes you have got to declare as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha would tell us you have to draw the line and say, “this is sacred ground and you will not touch this.” This is said with the same conviction as that mother’s, because failure is not an option, it is non negotiable, why because I said so. Never Give Up!!!

Enjoy this short video.

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“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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