I saw God today.

Today my prayer was to touch someone’s life and make a difference.  As many of my close friends/family will tell you I am just in awe of babies. Each one I see touches me in some really deep harmonic place. This day was no exception. There was this seven month old little boy Brian who was being held by the arms of his father in the store. While the mother did her shopping, I began to sing a song. The baby turned and twisted toward my voice.  That precious little one, who was lying on his father’s arm so silently, started smiling, giggling and his eyes just lit up. His grandmother came over and asked, “What is he so happy about? The parents just pointed to me. Then the baby just started talking in his language of which I wish I could tell you what he said but the joy he expressed with his being was more than words to me. As they moved away the little one never took his eyes away from me.

This is an poem his presence inspired me to write.

Today I met a friend of mine

In the heart of a child I did not know I knew

He heard my voice raised up in song

An turned to see me too.

As I sang to him while in his father’s arms

His eyes held me like a lover’s charm

He let me know he knew

We are from the same One

Though different this is true

But just as you see me as God’s Love

God told me to smile

To let you know that

You are God’s Love too.


One response to “I saw God today.

  1. Oh that is so, so, so, so sweet! You lucky thing!

“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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