Heal And Teach Others…

Apprenticing with Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha With a desire to realign with the One  consciousness that has always been is my goal. This is what we call Medicine People. So a Medicine Man or Woman brings an Apprentice to the Way. An apprentice is one who chooses to dedicate their life path to understand and take charge of their personal power and the Oneness with God, in whom we live and have our being. To heal and teach others with that which we have applied and found to work is ours to do. Many come to Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha asking to apprentice with her, asking to live as she lives. It is not a following of the person but a following of the way.

Power is love, not personal but complete, whole, and unconditional. To acknowledge a teacher is to know and reflect the Teacher within Self. A person of Power and in line with The Way (Creation) knows no fear, confronts all limiting thoughts, and walks through that membrane of fear and doubt. It is the only way to shed the veils of limitation. It is not a giving up power, rather it is a taking and becoming power.

Each of us begin to empower ourselves from where we are. When we arrive requesting Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha to help us grow and develop ourselves. We come broken and full of denials about our self worth. I would venture to say that all of us have been broken in some way or another. That brokenness just like in a chain results in a weak link.

It is a matter of fact that we are as strong as our weakest link. So when we exhibit the area of our weakness it is this area that we must strengthen so that there are no weak areas. Ask yourself if your child was weak in math and this is what held them back would this not be the area you would assist them in gaining strength?

Personally I have come face to face with many erroneous thought forms that no longer serve who I am. I have experienced the crippling effects of my fears. In looking back I appreciate the many situations I have experienced in overcoming myself imposed limitations.

Apprenticing is all about developing the ability to move, absorb and disperse greater volumes of energy, elevating your personal vibration beyond measure in unlimited volume. Parisha Taylor has guided me through to a place of respecting myself and others in a much greater way. I am excited about the joy and fulfillment I am in Cause over.

Parisha Taylor has never interacted with any form of life outside of the Law of Respect.

I am honored to call her Grandmother

Rock That Talks


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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