Mastering The Defeatist Mind


Many years ago during a deep meditation, I got the message to “Just Be.” Well my immediate response to this message was anger. I felt cheated, somehow short changed you might say. I yelled at God asking why so many others were given ot books, paintings, songs and brilliant insights and here you tell me to “Just Be.” I was so disturbed by this, I went to my advisor and spewed my anger all over her. My adviser patiently listen and when I was through asked me this one question. “If the answer you got was so simple as you say and meaningless why do you think you needed God to tell you?”

I have learned over the years that this guidance, this very clear and simple message is Gigantic. My beloved Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’HaHa  has consistently reminded us that , “we will only suffer if we destroy the opportunity we have to BE. Grandmother says to us Birth Yourself. It is clear to me, that anyone who can master their defeatist mind can create everything they need.

I had mastered having the mind of a defeatist so well, my standard joke was how “I keep towels on reserve just  so I could throw them in.”  Today this is no laughing matter.

I have learned through the wisdom of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha that ‘in here and out there are the same’ there is no separation. It is only my conscious self that is clouding this judgment. There are many voices that share the message of, You and ONLY YOU create the self doubt. In so doing, you fool yourself into a state of mind that there’s ? more to co-creating than meets the eye?. The resulting layer upon layer of misjudgment and compensations feed the process of mistrust? And, at the critical point when you do execute action the mind is so muddled that you’re completely disconnected from the Powerful Source and hard wired to  more powerful belief system of defeatist thinking.

As I challenge how I define myself I know now the awesome-ness of the message “Just Be” In the words of Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha, “of myself I am no – thing of my God I am everything.” Living with the knowing of this, I am more confident that how I see myself is how I will Be.

"As long as I can see the hole, my aim is to get it in it." Seve



“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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