You Choose.

You Choose.

We are living in historic times, times that try one’s soul. The ability to choose day to day, moment to moment to live in balance and harmony, is an act of power, in such a time when the forces of imbalance are strong and they are potent. These modern times test the choices that we make. Yet it is our choices that will determine victory of both the individual and collective spirit or not.

The first gift given was life, and our second gift is choice of how we choose to live that life. Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor has taught us that, “the only thing that we truly have to spend here in this world is our time. Once this is spent we do not get it back.”  So how we choose to spend our time is what’s important.

It has taken me a half a century to come to an understanding that it is my choice of how I value my time. While I am still working to master getting the most from my day, I am appreciating my time spent in service to others and the joy I see in their faces.

Remember that YOU are in charge of who YOU are and choose wisely, that which we call now is the most important moment in our lives.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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