Be AS God Is

I had beaten the horse called Blame so far into the ground it circled and bit me on my bum. From the moment I could talk I blamed my parents or the lack there of, the adults who said “children should be seen not heard”, my skin color, my nappy hair, my thick lips, poverty, and all the other imagined over all bad breaks. It wasn’t until I had heard Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor speaking and telling me how with my attitude, I was spitting in God’s face.  That God needed me to be this color, with this hair and with these lips.  Not in all the prayers that I said did, I once say I was grateful to be here. Every day I awaken now, I see as a gift and I offer great appreciation for another opportunity to be of service.

I am happy to say that what I had labeled as tragedy has been an amazing grace that propelled me into self discovery.  It is said that “If you can train a tiger and sharpen its intellect, you may be able to teach it not to attack and kill other lives.  If you can train it to eat nothing other than the food it is given, then it will no longer leap upon other creatures and kill them.”  Similarly, if we begin to absorb only the qualities of Source, we will not cause harm to any of God’s creations.  It is these qualities that I am allowing myself to be from within and then teach to others.

I understand, if I want to realize God, then I must “Be as God is…”, and  act from those  qualities within myself. Those qualities create a different form within us, the form of beauty. Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor teachs us  of the Beauty Way.  It is God’s qualities which are the beauty, and the light which radiates through those qualities is our power.  We must be as nothing, “Of myself I am nothing… ” Then we are in the state of God-Man, Man-God.  Then there is nothing, I am not. Then it is qualities of The Source that perform all actions. That is God.


One response to “Be AS God Is

  1. Oh yes, when I think of feeding the tiger, I think of feeding ourselves positive, loving thoughts – which is “Being as God is”. Yes, we do think alike. lol

“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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