Be As God Is.

Many times I have heard Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha say to us, “Of myself I am no thing , of my God I am everything”.  She has also taught us that we are all the begotten. I have come ever closer to hearing the differences between believing that  God is and Knowing that I Am as God Is.  This  much sought after wisdom, this glimmer of light has brought me to a deeper comprehension of, “I and the Father are ONE” spoken by the One called Jesus.

We humans are not really this external form, this body. Much like a coat that we put on to be outside on a cold winter’s day is not us. Our outer for/ body is on loan too us so that we can have an appearance in this dimension. The inner form of man is the qualities of our Source/God—a form separate from the external form. Hence the saying, “we are in this world but not of it”. The Source which lives in all things, having placed it’s qualities within us, said, “I am the Great Mystery of HU-man and Hu-man is My secret! I have placed within them, My entire treasury.”  We are the wealth of God. Within each of us God has, placed all powers. Just as we are the wealth of God, so it is true that God is our wealth. If there is any being who can realize the Source, it is only Hu-man. If there is any being who can learn God’s knowledge, it is only Hu- man.  And as we recognize the knowledge of God is the knowledge of ourselves, then there is no separation, I and I Am are One. All of God’s treasure and  beauty is within Hu-man, and their beauty is God. The wealth that we need is Knowing of Self as God, and God has placed its wealth in us. It is Hu-man, who must expend from the inexhaustible bank. It is we who must give forth share God’s Grace.  “Be As God is”.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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