Parisha Taylor sends out a voice

With all that we face in our world today I thought for today’s sharing, I would send this message that Parisha Taylor had sent out a year or so ago. I have read it as well as others many times. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has always model for me how we are all a part of this awesome world. It is our differences that I have learned to look forward to discovering and broadening my own existence. This particular message reminds me of a truth that Parisha Taylor once said to us that her grandmother would say, which is “when the blood is on the ground tell me who the enemy is”. May we remember that many have a vacant chair at the family table all across our world, due to war and conflict. Send healing and care to all of them. May we come to understand and not kill due to differences. May all live whole and evolve in and with love is not a prayer for me but a postulate I do daily, Peace in my time is not my dream but my promise to The One That Is In All Things, and the children today, Holidays, are holy times, and I celebrate them daily as a day is a life.

Living in awareness that all is One, means ALL, so I celebrate life, and respect all life, in that, what could I possibly harm or kill without personal consequence? Be always in harmony Beloveds and know who you are, change that which you can, and all can be changed to the better when you are in cause!

Always with love,

Parisha Taylor


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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