Parisha Taylor Parenting

Introduction to Parenting

Parenting should take place only when a man and a woman have given serious consideration to what they are asking for.  Parenting does not mean that you own this precious life that you are bringing into the world.  It means that you are the caretakers of this wonderful new being, until it can take care of itself.  It means showing by example how to live a good life, and allowing the child to find its own way in the world.  Ownership would play no part in parenting.  Guidance and nurturing and a willingness to allow a child to make its own mistakes and learn from them.  This is the true goal of enlightened parenting.

As parents we are guardians.  We must learn not to give children answers we don’t have.  Every child resonates to truth, and every word we say becomes a tape that the child will live.  Kids are like sponges for the first seven years of their life.  We teach the children by making them a part of everything we do, not by filling the house with toys and entertainment.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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