Parisha Taylor ask us, “What do children of God grow up to be?”

We Are All Born Worthy Reflections of God.

Many times I have heard Pa’Ris’Ha Taylor speak and ask, “What do children of God grow up to be?”

Keys to Birthing


Keys to birthing, is dedicated to all those who have sincere questions, on how to bring their new bundle of joy into the world as healthy as possible.  The most profound act that we will participate in will be creating our children. My views here are meant to be thought provoking clues to help bring the intangible into the tangible. Meaning many parents have asked for clues about the birthing process, the manual that babies should come with. Parents want to know how they can birth healthy children, and take care of their newborn’s needs as well as themselves. Some parents have even prayed, taken classes, a attended workshops, forums, all for acquiring the wisdom to know, if what they are doing is correct not wanting to make a mistake. Imagine having a source for the answers, we have dreamed a dream that has finally come true. If you are about to decide to take on the responsibility of bringing a child into the world, you will want to read this enlightening information.

Keys to birthing will help you; uncover the fundamental truth to birthing; you will gain the knowledge, wisdom, and respect for yourself and your environment, while acquiring the tools to assist both you and your baby to a most healthy birthing experience. You will know your powerful contribution towards your baby’s health, wealth and happiness, as you gain deeper insights and appreciation into, the reason’s your child choose you.

My life has changed to one of greater perceptive of knowing myself as a creative being and the power that is mine from accepting total responsibility for all that appears in my life. I know now that I am Cause. I am of the One expressing itself. Let me say clearly before we continue, it is not my intent to offend anyone’s religious beliefs here. I merely would ask for your tolerance to remain open. Throughout this blog I use the word God or The One (that lives in all things) interchangeable. Knowing my experience with God to me is similar in some ways like my interaction with time, here is time a concept hard wired into our experience here that all of life interacts with, it has no color, no boundary, no bias, I cannot touch it, see it, hold it in place, or bring it back once it is spent and yet it is what I am most intimately am aware of every day.

As I have journeyed through my time here many have been a great influence toward my own re-Membering of myself from the brokenness of my birth and its environmental influences.   With my discovery of the information from my time spent searching  for answers,  my respect for our sciences especially that of  the quantum physics, coupled with the awesome privilege I have, to have the pure teachings of  my Cherokee Medicine Elder, whom I call with the greatest respect Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha. Who consistently lives as God is, teaching and demonstrating with her life the absolute Truth of the Principles at work.  Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says, “of myself  I am a no thing of my God, I am everything.” She asks the question that you might find as I did most intriguing.  “What do children of God grow up to be?”

I was born in North Philadelphia, to a single parent and lived my first 10 years in a foster home. My mother who was from the south the oldest of (10), pregnant in 1952 and afraid to tell her family, so afraid in fact that it was only because one of her brothers coming home from the war stopped in to visit her did they know she was with child. When I look back over my own creation story with this information my life finally made sense. Here was a woman pregnant, alone, not married, abortion was illegal in this country, and afraid to tell her family. She had nothing more than her high school education. While not on welfare she was employed at a company making .25cents per hour. My father who was already married with a family had not wanted this child/ me. I was later to learn this first hand from him telling me “I never wanted to be your father. Since I had no interaction with him and my mother had no assistance from him, far as I could see at the time his mission was accomplished.

I grew up with deep anger toward my mother, I felt that I had no family; that I did not belong, I suffered the mental hells of feelings of being totally alone. Back then, honestly I could not explain where these deep seated feelings of not belonging came from? Better yet how could I change it? I had always been surrounded by others, so there was no physical aloneness. Yet there it was this overwhelming feeling of aloneness, clutching my heart and every now and again squeezing it, with my thoughts of disconnection and not belonging. It has taken me half a century, quite a fair amount of processing, and years of daily practices that I maintain even today, to free myself from the sufferings of birth, and come to an understanding of why?  These mind-set along with having my first baby experience at age 10, being responsible for the total care of my newborn baby brother while my mother worked night and day,  lead me on a journey that contributed to my very grand AHA,  validated by quantum physics, brain research, and Wisdom Keepers throughout the world.

My Elder Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’ shows me the value and beauty of not only my life but its relationship with all life. She has shown me what every parent and conscious person already knows which is, we live inside each other. In this very reality we are all interconnected much like the fetus is to its mother.

We all feel the sense to create and we all do create. While our creations may vary in form from thoughts, to feelings, to art, writing, music, dance, competitive feelings, healthy thoughts, negative thoughts, joy filled thoughts, fearful thoughts, or any one of the myriad forms that we can create as humans, bottom line we all give birth to something. That creation instinct comes from?

Having resolved the questions of my birth and how its effects lead me to choose certain behaviors, emotions and life choices, I found valuable keys to birthing healthy babies, and it is my accepted mission for all the newborns coming in to make sure that their arrival is the best that their parents can offer. The keys to birthing are something parents already have. I will teach you where to look and how to use them.  You will find here with these keys:

·         The alchemy of the womb having a healthy fetus

·          Knowing yourself as sacred is powerful

·         An gain an inspiring, empowering education

“Life is a circle, a circle is a cycle everything returns to where it began” (Pa’Ris’Ha)

“Many are called few are chosen”.2 You were chosen to be the wise stewards of this new one coming into being. You were chosen, because what your child wants to experience you as their parent or parents can give them. Your inherent codes whether from your ancestry, bloodline, history, your talents and gifts, have all made you the perfect vessel. The birth gifts that you have as parents, joined with the birth gifts your child brings, multiply in value to you both, once you know how important you are and your role in the Health, Wealth and Happiness of your child. The visual that captures it for me is one of a beautiful family Christmas tree that each family member adds something meaningful and beautiful too each year.

Having had many discussions with others who have often wondered why they feel the way they do? What makes a person feel unloved? What makes a person feel tremendous anger, or feel that they have no control over their anger? What makes a child feel secure or insecure?  Why do particular sounds irritate us. There are numerous questions we all have had and continue to have about ourselves. My work here will be to bring forth viable answers which assist those seeking.

Stay tuned.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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