Birthing Why Key #1

Why is wanting a child Key #1

The number (1) key to birthing a healthy baby “first and foremost, you have to want a healthy baby”.

This is the beginning of the great mystery coming into being. While this may sound to you like something you already know, I assure you as you read on; you will come to a different reflection after reading.  When you look through the vast information highway and I have researched many who have brought forward some very important clues on the keys to birthing a healthy child, yet what seemed to be lacking was the technology of how it all works together, the information  is so segmented we lose sight of ourselves as whole beings.

There are many children conceived who were not planned, desired or wanted.  Some births are the result of many sexual encounters from a sexual abuse, one night stands,  extra marital affairs, to a first time experience just to name a few. So the result of finding out your pregnant and then having the child carries many emotions in and of itself. Wanting to be a mom brings with it an energy that is very powerful, compared to discovering you are pregnant and have to get used to the idea. These thoughts as well as the health of the mother are foundational stones for the fetus.  Want to help someone else to grow and develop and take care of their needs while they do so.

The fetus begins to produce brain cells at a rate of 100 new cells every minute.  28 days after conception the brain begins to formulate what are called neuro- nets at an accelerated rate.  Now, here is the importance of this information and why you need to know it , if you are serious about having a healthy child. It is these neuro-nets that begin to hard wire your child’s life experiences. Consider everything that you are exposed to, every sound, sight, touch, emotion, smell, fear and joy is being recorded and experienced by your baby.

So what does all this mean? Take time to journal about your night’s experience of the act during conception.  Ask yourself and make detail notes, were you happy, were you loved, were you safe,  were you present (meaning not thinking of being someplace else), were you in love, were you open to getting pregnant, was there any pressure for you to conceive, does your partner want children,  Were there any words spoken during your love-making, how did you feel after, did you cuddle with each other immediately after, were you playful with each other, did either of you feel you had to go wash yourself immediately after,  did you talk to one another, how did your lovemaking begin, was it planned, had you talked about having a baby, what was the environment like, was it beautiful, colorful, romantic, did it smell good, when you bring up the memory does it make you smile? Did you feel that you had to have a child, are you concerned with finances, what is the relationship with other family members, is there anyone who would not be happy about the pregnancy, is there anyone who would make you feel guilty for getting pregnant? All of these answers can have great impact and bring a wealth of insight to the health of your child. Please consider taking the time to do this reflection.


“All energy is life, and life is given by the Giver That Gives All Things."

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